John White: The Legend Of Roanoke Colony

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Roanoke Essay John White, leader of the second colony, arrived on Roanoke Island on August 1590. He expected to see his villagers and family, but found none. 117 women, men, and children all seem to have disappeared into thin air. This is the legend of Roanoke. Theories started to appear, everybody had their own story on what happened to these colonists, but no one really knows. Many of the tales surrounding the Roanoke settlement are false, due to the lack of evidence. The theories may seem plausible, but when looked upon closely they have holes in them, spaces, where things don’t seem to add up. These two theories will serve as an example. The first theory is that the colonists fled to the neighboring Chesapeake Bay and that Chief…show more content…
The colonists of Roanoke were said to have gone to Chesapeake Bay looking for a better resources. They lived with the Chesapeake Native American’s peacefully. Due to the threat that they posed to Powhatan, he killed them all. John Smith also recorded this in his diary, and that Powhatan confessed all of this to him. This theory is impossible because it is centered on John Smith. He is the only one that supposedly heard Powhatan’s confession and wrote it down. What happens when his word is merely folktale? “But because he (John Smith) was a proud and boastful man, it is difficult to know which parts of his life are fact and which are fiction.” (“Captain John Smith”) John Smith was known to compose lies. The journals on his New World adventures are now considered to be false. “Much of his adventures in the New World are today dismissed by scholars as no more than Smith's fantasies.” (McDowell). If your only evidence is the word of a man who was known to lie, isn’t it hard to believe him. Only one thing can make this theory right, did John Smith or didn’t he lie? The second theory also has the same problem with
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