John Wayne Gacy

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John Wayne Gacy John Wayne Gacy was a recognized serial killer in the late 1970’s. Between the years of 1972 to 1978 Gacy had apparently sexually assaulted and murdered approximately 33 younger males. John Wayne Gacy was the serial killer of choice because I had never really found much interest in him. I had heard of him but never knew the whole story. I didn’t want to do a classic serial killer who everyone else was going to be writing on. I chose the book “John Wayne Gacy, Defending a Monster,” by Judge Sam L Amirante and Danny Broderick. I found this book to be very thrilling and suspenseful. It contained all the required information for my investigative writing assignment as follows: It was Monday, December 11, 1978 when a young boy named Robert Piest went missing. He was last seen at his place of work at the Nisson Pharmacy located at 1920 E Touhy Avenue in Des Plaines, Illinois. Mr. Gacy was a successful business man and the proud owner of PDM Contracting. The store owners had contacted Mr. Gacy in hopes of discussing a remodeling project that they were interested in having done by Gacys’ company. Robert Peist was a hard worker for Nisson Pharmacy. While Gacy was at the store taking measurements he noticed Robert. He eyed him, targeting him as his next victim. After Gacy finished taking measurements for the remodeling project he gave the store owners a proposal and hoped to hear back from them soon. He had left the store not realizing he forgot his planner. Although he forgot his planner he was also upset at the fact that he had not taken the opportunity to talk to Robert. Gacy was a very persuasive and persistent person. He took advantage of his opportunity to talk to Robert when he returned to the pharmacy later that night to retrieve his planner. Robert was taking out the trash when he crossed paths with Gacy. Gacy had offered a job to Robert paying

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