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EX BASKETBALL PLAYER Before to start this first essay, I really think it is primordial for you to understand my choice concerning the poem. Why did I choice “Ex basketball player”? The answer is pretty simple; basically, as the main character on that poem, Flick, I love sport. I am actually a pretty good tennis player who plays for Florida Gulf Coast University but I used to be more famous when I was very young. The only reason I choose this poem as a topic for my first paper is that in my point of view, I have a lot of common points with Flick. I really loved this poem and I will try to explain to you why, in this paper. John Updike’s poem “Ex-basketball player” suggests that whatever the feelings are, happiness or sadness, both the man and the town he lives in, become dependants on each other for reaffirmation of the past. The poem is built around the character Flick Webb, who was a highschool basketball player who was famous as well. But now, he is confronted to the monotony of pumping gas the small town where he was born. Updike does not take "good or bad" judgement on Flick's situation. He only uses some images to portray a dark, dingy world of the present and contrast it with the bright, shining glory of Flick's past. Some poets can made wrong judgements about the character of a story but John Updike doesn’t do that and that is why I loved this story The imagery is evident in the first two lines of the poem, where the avenue "bends with the trolley tracks and stops, cut off." We already can see that Flick's future has been cut short. The word "cut off" is the key to understanding Flick's situation. This expression probably means that Flick’s life has changed a lot. Without anything, his status changed from a famous basketball player to a sad poor hardworking man. Basketball star's glory days were cut off by the reality of the life. And as I

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