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In his essay, “The Cry of the True Republican” John G. Taft explains his opinion about modern Republicans. He begins the essay by telling the reader that he comes from a family of Republicans. He further expresses his disappointment in the ways Republicans have changed over the years. Republicans originally stood for responsible behavior, limited government, and fiscal conservatism. However, many Republicans have gone from focusing on maintaining a limited government to abusing their authority in order to achieve their goals. Taft states three examples of how Republicans have abused their power. First, Taft points out that Senator Ted Cruz fails to convey the ideas of original Republicanism, but that he conveys the belief that life is without meaning. Second, Taft takes the reader back to the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the “Red Scare,” which ruined thousands of lives, and was let on by the Republicans before. Last, Taft brings us back to modern day, where Republicans are using their power to raise debt as a way to sabotage Obama care. Taft applies real life events to his essay in order to defend his argument. Many Republicans have not lived up to the ideology that original Republicans had used to shape this country. For instance; contemporary Republicans are going against the original ideas of limited government by abolishing abortion, voting against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and harassing Obama care navigators. Republicans stand for limited government, which means that the powers of the government do not interference in the personal lives of citizens. Although, going against abortion means that Republicans are involving themselves in a citizen’s personal rights. Furthermore, Republicans aren’t just going against what the original party is about, they aren’t acknowledging every aspect of this situation. According to the article,

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