John Stuart Mill Essay

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The only end for which the humankind was warranted in isolation or collectively in meddling with liberty of action or expression is to avert harm to others. Early life John Stuart Mill was born on 20th May, 1806 in Pentoville which was at that time a suburb in London. He was the eldest son of nine children. His father, James Mill, was from Scotland but had settled in London. James mill had then become one of the leading radical philosophers of the time championing to further Jeremy Bentham’s philosophy of utilitarianism. John Stuart Mills’ father had considerable influence on him as he grew up. On the other hand, Harriet Barrow his mother had little influence on the development of John Stuart Mill becoming a leading philosopher of all time. At first, James Mill earned peanuts and struggled to make ends meet while working as a reviewer. However, the turnaround came when he landed a job position as the chief administrator in East India Company. He was able to secure this position due to his History of India. After a while, he was able to rise to the post of Chief Examiner. James had numerous tasks to carry out due to his position in the company. However, education remained his ultimate goal, and he spent most of his time searching for education. Therefore, John Stuart Mill was able to learn Greek when he was three years old and Latin by the time he was eight. By the time John was fourteen, he had already outdone his peers with his diverse knowledge on various fields. He had done wide spread research on mathematics and logic; he had learned the basics of economic theory and he had read most Latin and Greek classics. The education received by young John was based on the principle of Bentham’s associationism psychology. This philosophy was aimed at making him a principal in the opinion of philosophy radicals. By the time he was fifteen, John Stuart Mill took up

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