John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck The novel takes its title from the poem by Robert Burns (1759-1796) “To A Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest With The Plough” “The best laid plans of mice and men Gang oft agley And leave us naught but grief and pain For promised joy” Steinbeck describes the daily life of a group of migrant ranch workers in California at around the time of the Great Depression. Through the interaction between the characters we learn of their friendships, loneliness, hardships, powerlessness, hopes and dreams. As events unfold during a short period these fragile dreams are tragically destroyed, leading to death and despair. Of Mice and Men – Support Material Contents: • Simplified Level: o Character Descriptions o Reading…show more content…
Crookes- I read a lot of books. My back hurts me sometimes. Candy- I am small. I have lost my foot. My dog is strong. I am old. My dog is black. The hair on my chin is brown. Boss- I wear black trousers. I am tall. My vest is white. My coat is black. I’m wearing a scarf. I’m wearing shoes. 6 True /False? SlimI am fat. I am big. I wear a denim jacket. My hands are small. My voice is loud. I am friendly. I am quiet. My dog has puppies. Curley I am thin. My wife is pretty. The boss is my brother. I am tall. My hair is curly. I wear a glove on my right hand. My hobby is swimming. I hate small men. I have a baby. My eyes are blue.…show more content…
does Crookes live? does Curley live? have the men gone? was Crookes born? When……………. will the puppies be old enough to pet? Why………………. is Crookes pleased? does Crookes laugh about the farm idea? does Crookes have to live away from the other men? does Lennie get frightened? does Crookes feel sad? is Curley’s wife glad that he was hit? does Crookes keep medicine in his room? 15 Answers: The stable hand Candy He is afraid that George will not come back In California Because his back hurts Because lots of men want their own farm, but they never get one He caught it in a machine In a house on the ranch Lennie He feels lonely and wants someone to talk to Into town Because she doesn’t like Curley Crookes Because he is black If he can live with them on the farm In a few weeks Because he likes to have visitors Books, shoes, an alarm clock 16 In the harness room The puppy The idea that someone might hurt George Put these sentences in the order in which they happen: Lennie comes in to talk to Crookes. Candy comes into the harness room. Crookes talks about being lonely. Curley’s wife gets angry with the men. Crookes makes Lennie frightened that George might not come back. George comes into the barn. Curley’s wife comes into the barn to talk to the

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