John Steinbeck's 'Chapters On Gender Issues'

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Gender Issues 1. (Chapter 3 Page 22)Nanny say this to Janie "Don’t tell me you done got knocked up already, less see –dis Saturday it’s two month and two weeks." "No’m, Ah don’t think so anyhow." Janie blushed a little. "You ain’t got nothing’ to be ashamed of, honey, youse uh married ‘oman. You got yo’ lawful husband same as Mis’ Washburn or anybody else!" What does this quote means? Nanny thinks that if a women is married that she should be happy to have her husband’s child and that a single women should be ashamed of getting pregnant. 2. (Chapter 3 page 24) She knew now that marriage did not make love. Janie’s first dream was dead, so she became a woman. What does this mean? Well I think…show more content…
The spirit of the marriage left the bedroom and took to living in the parlor. It was there to shake hands whenever company came to visit, but it never went back inside the bedroom again. Reason this quote represents gender? I believe that this quote is stated that a man always wants to be in control even when his wife is intelligent. In the time their eyes were watching god was written most men would not be punished for beating a women unless it involved a black man and a white women. 4. (Chapter 7 page 79-80) Then Joe Starks realized all the meanings and his vanity bled like a flood. Janie had robbed him of his illusion of irresistible maleness that all men cherish, which was terrible. The thing that Saul’s daughter had done to David. But Janie had done worse, she had cast down his empty armor before men and they had laughed, would keep on laughing. When he paraded his possessions hereafter, they would not consider the two together. They’d look with envy at the things and pity the man that owned them. When he sat in judgment it would be the same. Good-for-nothing’s like Dave and Lum and Jim wouldn’t change place with him. For what can excuse a man in the eyes of other men for lack of strength? Raggedy-behind squirts of sixteen and seventeen would be giving him their merciless pity out of their eyes while their mouths said something humble. There was nothing to do in life anymore. Ambition was useless. And the cruel deceit of Janie! Making all that show of humbleness and scorning him all the time! Laughing at him, and now putting the town up to do the
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