John Steinbeck Thesis

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I. Preface. John Steinbeck is one of the greatest storytellers of the twentieth century. He was born in Salinas, California in 1902. His wonderful novellas The Pearl, Cannery Row, The Red Pony, and Of Mice and Men not only introduce readers to a fascinating, realistic cast of characters, make the hills and seacoast of California and Mexico come to life, but also tell intriguing stories of the lives of real people. Steinbeck's characters are not the rich men and women of California's boom days, but are the homeless, the migrant workers, the poor fishermen, and the farmers. However, each of these people has a deceptively simple, but important story to tell, a story filled with love and pain. The stories tell us not only of the lives of the poor…show more content…
However, Kino, who grew up with this music, has his own songs in his head. Throughout the novel, whenever Kino has a particularly powerful feeling or instinct, he hears a song in his head that corresponds to that feeling. His songs provide him comfort and give him warning. When he is happy with his family he hears the Song of the Family. This song is a peaceful and comforting song of the sounds of his mate, his baby, and his small home. It is the song of the warmth and wholeness. When he senses malice or dishonesty, he hears the Song of Evil. Kino also hears the Song of the Undersea. In this song Kino finds pride and strength. As he approaches the "maybe pearl" while he is diving, he hears its "secret melody." The music of the pearl is at first quiet and secret; later, as Kino thinks of all the wonderful things it can provide, its music is "shrilling with triumph." The pearl's song, like the life of the family, is changing. At times the song of the pearl seems to contradict its beauty-things are not always what they seem. Kino's song is warning him of impending danger. After the doctor leaves his home, he hears "the evil music pulsing." And, as Kino prepares to throw the pearl back into the sea, he is drawn to the Song of the Family which has become "as fierce as a cry." The pearl now has a different song, "distorted and
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