John Steinbeck and the Themes Portrayed in "Of Mice and Men"

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John Steinbeck and the Themes Portrayed in “Of Mice and Men” John Steinbeck’s writings are said to be very powerful, more so than other literary works. This is entirely true in the novel, Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck shows different views of situations and shows these views during every theme he portrays. Steinbeck shows a drastic change in the novel. The author does a superb job in showing how much his two main characters throughout the course of the novel. Also, the themes he uses are noticeable in every page of the novel. Steinbeck shows multiple themes in this novel. He recreates each of the themes so well. He makes sure to space each theme out as the book draws out, but is sure to continue with them throughout the novel. There are many different themes such as the American dream, innocence, and the dream of independence, along with many more. When Steinbeck uses these themes, they are mainly focused on the two main characters, George and Lennie. (On occasion he will use other side characters such as Curly, who is the boss’s son. Curly is also very jealous of his flirtatious new wife.) (Karson, 3) The two main characters of this novel are George and Lennie. Both are two simple-minded men. (George, a small, quick-witted man who takes care of Lennie.) Although George is always talking about how much sweeter his life would be if he didn’t take care of Lennie. George is driven by his dream of one day owning a ranch, and this keeps him going. George recollects on this most when he sees Lennie, and the childlike features he possesses. Lennie is a large man who is unaware of his own strength. Lennie has a mild mental disability, and is dependent upon George to take care of him (Hughes, 2). Lennie is very kind- Mulroy: 2 hearted and loves furry and soft animals, which you see throughout the novel in dogs and mice. (He also loves soft dresses

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