John Smith Essay

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Describe the Motives that prompted various groups - people to migrate to America. How did the newcomers take advantage of their physical environment to produce different economic systems in the North, South and Middle Colonies? What were the differences between indentured servitude and slavery? Explain how it was used and where. Within the period of migration to America there were many motives that prompted various groups to want to come to America. When looking at the settlement of Virginia, Capt. John Smith was urging his fellow colonists to build houses and grow food. Once they established this John Smith started sending more settlers over with useful skills. Although he realized the weaknesses of the colonists, he tried to maintain good standing with the local Indians even though he did not care for them that much. The colonists eventually saved themselves by finally understanding that they needed to grow their own food in order for survival. They eventually started growing tobacco which was ready to sell in England at that time. This allowed the colonists to buy manufactured goods, and by then their seven years of indenture was served. The London Company made it so simple for the settlers to obtain their own land. All of these colonists that were coming over were pretty much surviving from Indians help. These colonists miss treated the Indians and eventually took over their land. Once all of these other settlers started hearing about America, they all started to come over and rule the Indians as well as their land that belonged to them. The London Company being the biggest had over 6000 colonists sent over between 1606 and 1622. By 1624 new dividends were even paid. And eventually by 1624 King James revoked the company's charter and made Virginia a royal colony. When all of these settlers started to hear stories about how simple it was to obtain land
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