John Rogers Childhood

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John Rogers found it interesting that the story of John Rogers relates a segment from his childhood, yet does not mention his father until the last two pages. Then, the recollection is brief, alluding to the fact that the father had left the family. "As Mother talked, we children fogot all about what we were so eager to hear about the trouble that had made Mother and Father forget the love that had once brought them together. " This statement raises more questions that it answers. Was this so common amongst the Native Americans that no explanation was necessary? - Amy Actually, if I remember correctly, the answer to what happened to Rogers's father can be found in Red World and White: Memories of a Chippewa Boyhood. I'm fairly certain…show more content…
I am really lost. I keep reading these autobiography, and try to find out what the author trying to tell the reader. I couldn't get it. The first time, I read this return to white earth, I thought the author is white, and was raised up in native Indian tribe, and then return to his own family (probably white). I did a little reasearch online, just found out that white earth was a name of native american tribe. For my understanding, the author was took away to boarding school many years until they reture their own tribe, they couldn't understand their language any more, had to re-learned all over again. Their history all come from stories which the author heard from his mother. The tone in this story, seems author is very happy to go back tribe. I don't know if I understand this right or not. Honestly, I didn't get it. - Yirong I found Return to White Earth a very interesting story. I found it interesting when John Rodgers returned home and had to learn/re-learn everything about his own culture. How he was taught to strip bark and everything to survive off the land. I especially found the description of the "squaw dance" interesting and is one of the main reasons I am taking this class in hopes of learning a little about the customs and cultures of various Native American tribes. -
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