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John Quincy Adams Research Paper John Quincy Adams, born on July 11th, 1767, came from the town of Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts. This is the very same town that his ancestors had settled and generations upon generations of Adams would come to prosper. His father, John Adams (senior), was very bright. He was put into school while he was young while also maintaining work on the farm. Afterwards, he went to Harvard College to start studying law. He then married Abigail Smith in 1765. Abigail was a minister’s daughter. Her Mother held two very prestigious lines – The Nortons and the Quincys. John Quincy Adams was the second child of this couple. This point of his life was seen as great in some eyes, but horrible for children in others. In this case, for John Adams Jr. anyways, it was a great time. All of the events happening around him in Boston simply educated him, such as the Revolution against Great Britain. Not to mention his cousin was Samuel Adams, one of the leaders of the uprising. Keep in mind; this is all in his first years. Once John hit age 8 he watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from his house. Everyone knew that the stage was set for John Quincy to become a very, very successful politician. John continued to grow along with his knowledge. By the time he was only the age of fourteen, his political background already surpassed the majority of people in the United States. He even accompanied his father on multiple occasions to diplomatic missions around the world. In Europe, Quincy made the transition of an American to public school to European private schools in Amsterdam, Paris, and Leiden. These schools triggered his hunger for reading – the hunger his father never fathomed. While still at the age of fourteen, he could speak multiple languages and was even asked to serve as the secretary and translator to the very first US ambassador to

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