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John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams Born on July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts, also known as Quincy, Massachusetts, was the 6th President of The United States. He served one Presidential term from (1825-1829) as well as American diplomat Senator, and Congressional representative. Quincy was the son of John Adams former President. His political party was Democratic- Republican before it broke up. Growing up during the Revolutionary War he received most of his education from his mother and father. During his father’s presidential term he brought Quincy with him to diplomatic missions in Paris and attended the University of Leiden at the age of ten. In 1785 he returned to the U.S. to continue his education at Harvard. Adams passed the bar exam and became a lawyer in Boston in 1790. 1794-97 He also became married to Louis Cather Johnson in July 26, 1797. Louis and John had four children together John Adams, George Washington Adams, Charles Francis Adams, and Louisa Catherine Adams. In 1797- 1801 John was appointed minister of berlin as a diplomat. Eventually this headed to Adams being elected to Senator of Massachusetts. During 1806 – 1809 Quincy taught at Harvard as a Boylston Professor of rhetoric and oratory. In 1809 President Madison appointed John As the first United States Minister to Russia. On the outbreak of war between England and United States in 1812, Quincy became involved in the efforts to negotiate an end to hostilities. John Quincy Adams was one of the U.S. representatives to help with these negotiations, which eventually lead to the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on December 24 that ended the war of 1812. John completed his long and brilliant career as a diplomat by serving for two years as U.S. Minister to England. Quincy then returned to the United States to become Secretary of State from 1817-1825. In doing this John earned himself as

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