John Proctor Superstition

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As I strolled into the town of Salem in the spring of the year 1692, I felt as though I was there as a person who would be looked up to due to my sense of knowledge and intelligence. I was a young minister, who had a reputation of being an expert in witchcraft. I was a mentally strong man who had a sense of pride in all that I was able to accomplish. I was nearing my forties, and was called to examine the Minister’s young daughter. Little did I know that later on, my presence in Salem would have many people accused and killed. Those around me would say that there was notion that the devil was present. I would look to them and say, “We can not look to superstition in this. The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone,” (p.41) But in fact, the devil was not…show more content…
As I stood in the courtroom listening to the Judge Danforth, I knew that he also had his suspicions about this whole case. The only matter for him was that had he put an end to it, many people along with himself, would have got the impression that he was not such a great person and he did not deserve that amount of respect because he had got it all wrong. If only Elizabeth had not lied about John committing adultery with Abigail Williams, I believe that there was a chance that it would have been resolved. The scene which had the evil Abigail Williams and the other children pretending to see a bird was very disturbing as it was the reason John Proctor said ‘God is dead,’ which in fact was the factor that got him arrested. He was right. In the town of Salem, God was dead. There was nothing but a rush of evil spreading. I had then finally lost faith in the court. I quit without hesitation. Before the hanging of John Proctor, I attempted with my utmost power to try and convince John Proctor to just confess and say he did make contact with
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