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Niki Moshiri BUS 400 3 May 2015 Reflection TrustedPeer Expert: John Phillips John Phillips taught me fundamental business skills that will help me in my future career. First, he highlighted two personas I should master: the generalist and the strategic analyst. Second, he explained what the underlying factor was to develop a strong brand image. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of knowing when you are wrong and admitting it in order to maintain credibility. I will discuss each of these main concepts in depth below. To begin, John Phillips said that it was essential to have “twenty-first century skills,” which includes two main personas: the generalist and the strategic analyst. The generalist has a strong understanding of four “functional buckets:” brand, product, channel and communication. Contrastingly, the strategic analyst has to master tactical approaches, build relationships and have exceptional writing skills. Overall, twenty first century skills includes three overarching fundamentals: communication, problem solving and collaboration -- these concepts will serve as guidelines for me to consider when engaged in a business setting. Secondly, John Phillips explained that the five key elements within brand strategy are: the promise, the identity, the portfolio, the message and the experience. He emphasized that the most essential way to maintain a strong brand identity and presence was to ensure that the promise was equivalent to the experience. That the brand was following through with their promise to provide the customer with a rewarding and beneficial experience. John explained that keeping the promise is the hardest, since it has to be in alignment with the customers’ experience. He also mentioned that a common “blind spot,” companies have is focusing on the product output instead of valuing the experience customers are getting out of

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