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MT0822A Managing Organisational Performance Abstract The report I have compiled reports the importance of managing stake holders in The John Lewis Partnership Organisation, the primary stakeholders of JLP and the interests of each in the reduction of 25 call centres to two. This report will also cover the value of motivational models within the JLP and how employee needs are being met by in that organisation on Maslows hierarchy of needs model. Finally the report will cover the reasons for the change in the JLP and how this change can be managed in an organisation. Introduction The purpose of this report is to show the importance of managing stakeholders and their importance in an organisation, the value of motivational needs within an organisation and the reasons of organisational change. The report will also identify John Lewis's primary stakeholders, their level of interest and importance in the plans to replace 25 call centres with two. The report will also assess what employee needs are being met through working at John Lewis Partnership using Masolows hierarchy of needs model. Stakeholder definition Stake holder definition is a person or organisation that has direct or an indirect stake in a group or business because it can be affected by the business's actions, policies and or its objectives. The Key…show more content…
In John Lewis their employees are referred to as partners and have a say in the running of the business and share in its success but also its failures. The John Lewis Partnership as a business like to share the details of its major and minor business transactions and decisions with its employees (partners) and collaborate with them through meetings, forums and committees at a partnership level for each division.

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