John Lennon vs. U.S.

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Haley Coles Theissen SPH 131 17 November 2013 U.S. vs. John Lennon My overall reaction to the movie U.S. vs. John Lennon was that the government was wrong and acted unfairly towards John Lennon and Yoko. Before watching this movie I was not aware of any of the incidents that had happened. I had heard of John Lennon and that he was part of the Beetles but I didn’t even know that he was dead or was murdered. I was very shocked to find out how the government had treated him and the lengths they had went to, to try to get rid of him. It was very interesting to learn about the story of John Lennon and Yoko. In my opinion I think John Lennon handled his opposition to the war very well. John was not violent about it, but he got his point across in a calm and civilized way. John Lennon’s opposition to the war in no way could have endangered the safety of the United States. He only practiced peaceful protesting. “Give peace a chance,” a song he wrote became the fuel for many peaceful protests against the war. I think the government felt threatened by John Lennon because of the impact he had on the protestors and how they looked up to him. John was treated like a criminal by the government for voicing his dislike of the war in a peaceful way. I don’t believe he was ever violent with his war protests. The only thing in my opinion that could have been argued that John Lennon was endangering was the image of the government which made them feel threatened. I feel that John Lennon did a very good job of how he handled his opposition and I don’t believe he could have gone about it another way while staying peaceful. In my opinion I think the government handled the John Lennon situation very poorly, John only demonstrated peaceful protest, and he never harmed anyone. The government tried to have John Lennon deported on a charge that they dug up from his past in his country. In no
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