John Kennedy Lowering Steel Prices Essay

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JFK Paragraph President Kennedy uses techniques of syntax to influence the reader's perception of steel prices being raised. President Kennedy uses the repetition of certain words to create a feeling of unity with the audience. During his speech President kennedy addresses many problems with steel prices by starting off saying “our nation” or “our efforts” repeating the word our multiple times throughout his speech. Using the word “our” shows that President Kennedy is not only worried about himself but also the reader which creates a sense of trust between Kennedy and the audience. This sense of trust will influence the reader not only to side with President Kennedy and his stance on steel prices but also will entice them to listen more closely to his opinion on that subject. Not only does Kennedy use repetition to control the audience but he uses a catalog. Kennedy uses a catalog to emphasise the negative effects of steel prices to his audience. The President's whole second paragraph is a continuous sentence of all the sacrifice the people of America are taking, and then addresses how steel companies are “exceeding their public responsibility”. This creates a sense of anger and disgust in the reader because there are men sacrificing their lives for America to be safe and at the same time there are steel companies taking advantage of the economy making it harder on everyone else. This makes the reader dislike the steel companies and more likely to side with President kennedy. President's use of syntax brings the audience closer to him and further away from the steel companies and pushes him one step closer of his goal to lower steel

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