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Part 1: Introduction i) Organizational Domain: What business is the organization in? Vaccine and anti-virus software industry Part 2: Structure Analysis i) Analysis of structural fit: a) Diagnose the Environment - # of Task Environment sectors (complexity) Competitors, technology and customers - Stability of the task-environment sectors (stability) Quite stable but very competitive, and technology is changing rapidly - Level of Uncertainty (Complexity & Stability) very uncertain, because of changing technology and lots of competitors. - Coping with Uncertainty About catching technology quickly b) Diagnose the Goals - Primary goals? Value proposition? To be the leader in the software industry; Customer satisifaction and quality of software.. - Link between official & operative goals c) Diagnose the Size - Size, Life-cycle stage Medium or big size, in the second stage collectivity stage d) Diagnose the Structure - Functional, Divisional, Geographic, Process, Hybrid, Matrix, etc Horizontal process structure, focus on customer statisfaction, rapid response to changes, focus on teamwork Fit Analysis: (this is a key section) Assess the appropriateness of the organizational structure (fit) based on the contextual variables diagnosis – (i.e., environment, goals, and size of the organization). Is the structure appropriate given the environment, goals and size? Explain. ii) Analysis of process and dynamics: a) Diagnose the Culture - Type of culture Family like culture - Interpreting the culture Speeds up the communication and b) Diagnose the Group Dynamics - Use of work teams - Effectiveness of teams c) Diagnose the Power Dynamics - Sources

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