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What Makes A Top 100 Hospital? John Hopkins Hospital HSM- 310 Intro to Health services Mgmt By: Whitney Lee Professor: Stephanie Gloster August 2, 2015 John Hopkins Hospital The question I have to ask myself is what makes John Hopkins a top 100 hospital? . Many people can have several answers to this question and they all may be different. In every state there are several different hospitals that offer either the same or different services. We all believe that in every hospital quality of care has been given priority in the health system but to me thats an understatement. I say that because not all hospitals rush to the care and need of there patients. It all starts with a dream and vision, and the ability to work hard and make it all come true. Mr. Hopkins had a vision which helped the success of his facility come true and also made his hospital a top 100 facility. The vision was something outside the box, something huge and everlasting. John Hopkins is more than just a hospital it's a state of the art facility, with a medical research and teaching department inside. This hospital also does research on the two biggest diseases in the world which are cancer and HIV. They research and experiment with different trials to hopefully find a cure, or even a medicine that can extend the life span of an individual that may be diagnosed with any of these diseases. This hospital has several different specialties, and offer many services to it's patients. They have a Department for any and every healthcare need. John hopkins is probably the only hospital that offers international services to their patients. To have this option is great because people travel all the time and an emergency always can occur no matter where you are. Having a diverse hospital has alot to do with success of the

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