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Code of Ethics: Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Hospital is continually ranked high in the nation every year. The words excellence, diversity, and inclusive are common denominators used in its mission statement, vision, and core values making the hospital one of the best places in the United States to receive treatment for any number of illnesses. The main goal of Johns Hopkins Hospital is to be recognized by its peer institutions, patient, and community as the leading model for diversity and inclusion by 2020 (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2012). Specific goals related to patient and community include addressing road blocks to access disparities in quality of care and to ensure 75% of the residents in the community will see Johns Hopkins Medicine as a trusted partner. After extensive research, barriers to access and inequalities in care have been proven. As the leading institution in academic medicine Johns Hopkins Hospital decided not to allow this to continue. The leaders of this institution believe they have a responsibility to the residents as a trusted partner in the community (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2012). 90% of employees view the organization as a diverse and inclusive workplace as well as perceive their leaders and coworkers throughout the organization culturally competent, possessing knowledge, attitudes, and skills to understand and respond effectively to the needs of different patients, trainees, and colleagues. According to, a diversity culture assessment conducted in 2006, there were gaps found in Johns Hopkins Hospital’s culture within demographic segments and organizational levels. Johns Hopkins Hospital’s goal is to close the gap. The obligation to patients and each other requires the level of commitment and compliance to be no less than one hundred percent (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2012). The organization goals and ethical

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