John Hale- The failed dogooder

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Reverend John Hale comes to the town of Salem, Massachusetts to serve as the knowledgeable witch hunter at the request of Reverend Samuel Parris in 1962. He comes with high hopes of dispelling any evil spirits he can find, but along the way he stumbles on many obstacles, such as the corrupt court system. Aiding him on his quest for the truth are John and Elizabeth Proctor- a high ranked family in terms of land and status. The couple is dealing with John’s affair, but in doing so it releases their true feelings of deep love for one another. His other allies include Rebecca Nurse, who is known far and wide for her charity and goodness, and Martha Corey, a quick-witted yet Godly woman. With his arrival, Hale embarks on a journey to seek the truth in Salem, but struggles to find it in the religion that he once believed in so firmly and his views of the aspects of Christianity transform. At the beginning, John Hale is fully prepared to stop the witchcraft that has threatened the town. When he arrives, Reverend Parris remarks, “My, they’re heavy,” to which Hale responds, “they must be, they are weighted with authority.” (38) All throughout Act I Hale believes that these books and the knowledge of the devil will eliminate the questions and superstition that the townspeople were muttering about. He insists that he will not look to superstition and that his knowledge and books point to the fact that “the Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are as definite as stone,” (40). Unfortunately, his line of questioning only gives out the valuable information to Abigail, who is crafty enough to use this to her advantage. Because of the information Hale gives her, she is able to use it against anyone she has anything against. Hale ceases to use these books and knowledge after Act I. Throughout Act II and Act III Hale’s trust in the court system evaporates. At
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