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John Gatto knows what he is talking about. After teaching in a state with one of the highest per student budgets in the nation, which used many of the most progressive teaching theories, and still produces some of the lowest test scores in the nation, his frustration comes from a wealth of experience. Teachers start their careers with a sincere desire to build into the lives of students. But when their hands are tied by multi- cultural disconnectedness and a socialist teaching culture, the frustration which is shown by Mr. Gatto is likely only the tip of the iceberg representing the depth of the nationwide problem. From Atlanta to Minneapolis, news papers are filled with stories of failing students, failing schools, and school systems which are confused as to the source of the problem.…show more content…
The 7 lesson's John Gatto says are taught be example every day in the commercialized, impersonal mass production educational factories are: • CONFUSION: Everything I teach is out of context. I teach the un- relating of

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