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John F. Kennedy was a great man who made our nation strong with power and respect for one another. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the son of Joseph Kennedy who was a very wealthy businessman in Brookline, NY. His mother, Rose Kennedy, was the daughter of one of Boston’s best-known politicians. John had three brothers named Joseph Jr. Robert, and Edward. His only sister was Kathleen Kennedy. Rose’s and Joseph’s parents were immigrants from Ireland. When they came to the United States Rose’s father was the mayor of Boston and later became a U.S. Congressman. Joseph’s father was a Massachusetts State Senator. Joseph’s father was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937. John observed Europe at a crucial time in the months before World War II. It was an adventure for the Kennedy family. While in Europe, John toured all of central and eastern Europe. “Europe became John’s classroom” (Harper pg. 11) John Kennedy was called “Jack” while growing up in his life. He tried very hard to keep up with his older brother Joe Jr. Although John tried to beat his brother in many sports and games, he wasn’t a match for his older brother. When John was only ten years old, his family moved to New York City. When John was fourteen he enrolled at Choate School in Connecticut. Although Choate was a very prestigious school, John was not a good student. He was disobedient in class and did his homework carelessly. He did, however, excel in sports such as swimming. In 1935, John graduated from Choate. After graduating from Choate, John briefly attended Princeton and dropped out because of illness. Later in 1936, he followed his older brother, Joe Jr., to Harvard University in Massachusetts. He gathered facts for his thesis paper that he would write in his senior year at Harvard. His thesis paper

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