John Davison Rockefeller

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John Davison Rockefeller became a man famous as well as infamous by his role in society as an oil leader, manipulating and taking over the industry and the business. He became a business man at an early age due to his father’s ways of teaching his children investments and how to save. This struck John’s business genes and it has erupted ever since. His dad would sell him and his sibling’s different things, including charging them interest. Therefore, at age thirteen he was lending fifty dollars at compound interest. He liked everything about business-the smell of the ledgers, the feel of the high desk, the sunlight slanting across his blotter. He owned his own commissions’ office at age 19, and he began working later each evening. He practiced what he was preached through his daily life, “willful waste makes woeful wants.”…show more content…
He reasoned correctly that after it, the moving frontier would leave Cleveland produce behind. His fortune seemed to have come by accident, as he looked out his window at the right time. The only oil business had been run by the whalers of New England. The price of oil hovered just above that of water. The oil industry needed organizing to curb the price. No one could so, except John, whom wasted nothing. By 1869 he had the largest running refinery in Cleveland. He knew how to manipulate just about every person he came across; his drawbacks, even more vicious than his pricing; he would charge railways a percentage for taking his products. In 1882, he organized The Standard Oil Trust; he had 14,000 miles of pipeline and controlled 95% of the industry. The Standard Company was now the largest and richest in the entire
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