John D. Rockefeller: Entrepreneur

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John Stockert Mr. More U.S History period 5 28 February 2013 John D Rockefeller John D Rockefeller was known as many things; a billionaire, businessman, entrepreneur and perhaps even the richest man to ever live. The title in which he was most known for though was being a “Robber Baron” due to his exploitative practices to amass his seemingly infinite wealth. Was John D Rockefeller really the selfish, wealth obsessed, “Robber Baron” whose only goal was to crush his competition and rule the business age? Perhaps, but there is more about him than meets the eye. Rockefeller was not always a billionaire. He was born July 8, 1839, to a normal middle-class family living in Richford New York. His mother was a very strict Baptist and raised

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