John Clendenin Case Study

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1. What have John Clendenin’s objectives been at Xerox? As the director of Multinational Development Center (MDC) Clendenin’s objectives are: * Developing and maintaining multinational logistics computer systems; * Increasing the company’s return on assets; * Coordinating the development and implementation of any changes; * Set and manage an overall strategy for multinational distribution; * Reach a top level position and maintain healthy relationship with all the organization. 2. What obstacles did he confront in accomplishing these objectives? He accomplished above objectives by: * He had minimal support from the USMG organization for taking on a multicultural approach and instead they wanted him to focus on the U.S. rather than multinational approach. * He discovered that the interests of systems managers in various Xerox operating units did not always align with those of Xerox as a whole. * In order to build MDC he needed more staff because he was not allowed to transfer from parts and supplies administration. By adding more staff, he needed his peer’s agreement. * He was told that he could spend as much money as he wanted only if he could save the same amount elsewhere in this fiscal year. * Although he was promoted, he was in weak position. 3. What interpersonal and organizational strategies did he utilize to accomplish these objectives? * Clendenin had been rewarded with 4 promotions since joining Xerox, and on the personal front was right on track to achieving the goals he had set for himself as a Harvard graduate. * Leading his group at MDC, he had successfully identified and exploited business opportunities for MDC to save millions of dollars a year, grow the annual budget from $400,00 t0 $4million * Increase the staff headcount from 4 to 42. * Clendenin understood the

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