John Brown Hero or Murderer

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Isiah Swann P.5 O’Farrell 12/8/14 John Brown DBQ John Brown was an extreme abolitionist that would do anything to end slavery in his time. He was one of the few that not only spoke out on slavery, but actually did something to try and stop it all together. Brown tried raiding the U.S. armory at Harper’s Ferry in Virginia. He was then going to give the ammunition to slaves and have them help spread a rebellion nationwide, however only few followed him in this and Brown was killed by marines at Harper’s Ferry. Now this story may seem like someone who’s failed completely, and was just another crazy person dong something ridiculous in a lost cause, but John Brown wasn’t a complete failure. In fact John Brown’s actions turned out to be a success in the bigger picture because he shook up the foundation of slavery that was so deeply planted in America. He got people thinking that maybe black slaves did deserve to be free and that slavery was morally wrong (Source B). Not only that, but he was one of the few that took action against something he felt was wrong (source A). To me I think this is a huge success during this time period and it let people know that its ok to try and change something that is wrong. If something is wrong get up and do something, don’t just sit and complain about it being wrong, get up and fix it and that is exactly what john brown did and taught other people how to do for years to come. So yes John Brown failed at the physical part of his plan by not winning at Harper’s Ferry, but succeeded at getting his whole anti-slavery point across to the entire nation. He gave America no choice but to open their eyes and see that was a cruel and unjust idea. To clinch John Brown’s success, slavery was abolished a few years after his death, to bad he wasn’t alive to see he had achieved what he had fought so hard
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