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John Bell Hood was the second son of Dr. John Willis Hood and Theodosia French. He was born June 29, 1831. He was of Nordic ancestry and his father was a doctor. This was contrary to what his grandfather John Willis wanted which was to join the military. John Bell was born in Owingsville, Ky. During his youth, his father was gone almost eight months out of the year teaching medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. During this time, John Bell’s male influences were his paternal grandfather, Luke Hood, who had fought against the Indians and his maternal grandfather, James, who was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. No doubt these influences swayed his choice to take an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point John Bell’s class at West Point was full of notable Civil War players. They included James McPherson, John Schofield and Phillip Sheridan. Hood was not an outstanding…show more content…
Here is where his illustrious career began. In April 1862 "The Peninsula Campaign," began with the goal of capturing Richmond and subduing the Confederate government. Hood's Texas Brigade was assigned to keep the Confederate Army from withdrawing. Hood’s military knowledge led him to order his troops to cover an exposed flank of Longstreet’s division. The Battle of Eltham’s Landing is famous for the incident in which a Confederate Private disobeyed an order by Hood to travel with unloaded muskets. This disobedience saved Hood’s life when a Union soldier drew on Hood and the Private shot and killed the Union soldier. In May, 1862, General Johnston's forces attacked McClellan's Army of the Potomac outside of Richmond in the Battle of Seven Pines. This battle was significant as it was the battle in which Johnston was injured leading to General Lee’s appointment of General Hood to command the Texas

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