John Adams Essay

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During the turn of the 17 century, America’s citizens recognized the nation was in dire need of change, resulting in a transformation in the way our nation’s leaders are chosen. Huge adjustments to the electoral process gave the common man more of a voice in the government, like allowing all white men the ability to vote, not just land owners. By allowing the electors to be selected by the people, and not the state legislature, American citizens had a more direct connection to the electors of the presidency. By the year 1828, these changes were accepted by almost every state, and with the support of the American people, had helped elect Andrew Jackson, one of the most controversial presidents of his time. After being born from a poor South Carolina family, Jackson managed to become a rich landowner and noteworthy lawyer and politician. Along with being the hero of the war of 1812, with his crushing victory in the battle of New Orleans, Jackson was the most popular man in America. He started his quest for presidency when John Quincy Adams became president in 1824. He accused John and Henry Clay to have a “corrupt bargain”, so he then decided to create his own political party to beat Adams in the next election. Already being extremely popular with the common man, Jackson was a shoe in for the 1828 presidency. Looking at all the things Jackson has done, most would probably that he had done a pretty good job as president. From the very beginning of his term he was a president that liked to get involved. It was a nice change to have a man in office that actually got things done, not like another Adams. He was a new breed of president, a man who believed that the president should take an active role in the making of governmental policies as well as exerting the power of the presidency, like the power of veto. He used this power to its fullest extent by vetoing 12 bills

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