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Ben Bayers Dr. Vancza EN 11: Texts and Contexts I 19 September 2013 Is Your Job an Endangered Species? Review Question The main development Kessler states drives job destruction is eDiscovery. eDiscovery is the web and sites such as google and any other browsing intelligence that is fast and can answer nearly any question just as well as a human being. The economy is suffering partially due to eDiscovery in the sense that eDiscovery has taken jobs humans do, and made the human aspect obsolete. When those jobs are taken, the workers cannot make money and therefore the economy suffers dearly. Without the jobs eDiscovery has rendered obsolete, the economy will continue to suffer and worsen until everyone must become a “creator.” Kessler states that creators are those who drive industry. The internet will soon render most of the “servers” obsolete and those people must do something to drive the economy. Discussion Question The category names that Kessler comes up with in his article are symbolic and though some of them are abrasive names, they are stereotypically true. Kessler chose the category names used because it shows the hierarchy of the working world quite well. Each category invokes an emotional response he wants the reader to feel when thinking about those types of particular jobs. “Slimers” for instance is a disgusting sounding word for wall street financial business people. In reading the category name, I thought of synonyms such a sleazy and seedy. This is obviously how Kessler wanted me to feel about that category of people in the job market. His category names are perfect representations of the many aspects of the working economy. Degrees and Dollars Review Question Krugman argues that education is not the key to security in the job market. He says that those who believe education is the key are mistaken. The growing intelligence of

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