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Art and Humanities Unit 2 Assignment Growing up in Omaha I have noticed a lot of different structures that I have found very interesting. There are many unique buildings and bridges as well as other structures. Two of my favorites structures in the city of Omaha are the pedestrian bridge connecting from Iowa to Nebraska and the St. Cecilia cathedral church. They are both amazing works of art the pedestrian bridge is more recent and allows a great view of the both Iowa and Nebraska. Between the two of them I like the cathedral the best with the new pedestrian bridge coming in a close second because it of its structure and the things that it provides. he St. Cecilia cathedral has been around for about fifty years now and was built with the intent of creating a great design while also being a place where people could worship. The building is considered to be a national historic structure this makes this structure that much more interesting because in order for this to happen the building has to be very special and unique. This piece of architecture first caught my attention in during a field trip as a child at the time it was one of the biggest Cathedrals in the united states. I have seen other cathedrals here in Omaha and in other states. The building stands at over two hundred feet tall as well as wide. The St. Cecilia cathedral was built using a renaissance style rather than the usual styles that were created using a European style. When I think of the renaissance period I think of classical something older with a lot of value. Classical style is what I believe the building to be built from. St. Cecilia cathedral was built with the art of Spanish renaissance humanism. This was not the only structure that was built by the architect of the the cathedral. The architect took certain disciplines in his work including classical work and philosophy. This is a

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