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Johanne Pachelbel (1653-1706) Music is defined in many different ways. To some individuals, music is the expression of poetry through instruments and vocals. To others, it is simply entertainment. Music also represents many different things. Music represents emotion, pride, passion, disaster, society, and much more. Music is defined by the listener. Music represents what the listener desires. Through the advancement of time, listeners experience a change in music. The Baroque era (1600-1750) is an example of one of the periods in history in which music continued to be transformed. Transformation of music is the response to the addition of new instruments, new discoveries in sound, new discoveries with what composers can do with sound and the discoveries of talented new composers. Johanne Pachelbel was one of those new composers. Pachelbel was an intelligent and talented man. His father supported his musical talent and also cared for his schooling. Johann Pachelbel is an example of a Baroque composer. Pachelbel is famous for his work Canon in D major. He was born in Nuremberg, Germany and baptized on September 1, 1653 (Welter 9). Pachelbel is assumed to be born in the year 1653 because of the date of his baptism (Welter 9). Like most composers, Pachelbel was born into a middle class family. His father was Johanne Hans Pachelbel, who was a wine dealer, and his mother was Anne Maria Mair (Welter 9). Johann Pachelbel Sr. was responsible for the musical training of his son. Johanne Hans Pachelbel enrolled his son the school of St.Lorenz and arranged for Pachelbel to receive musical training from Heinrich Schwemmer and organist Georg Caspar Wecker (“Schwemmer, Heinrich” 876). In 1669, Pachelbel attended the Universitat Altdorf, but was forced to leave due to financial difficulties (Perreault 12). Due to his intellectual abilities he was accepted to the Gymnasium

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