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English November 22, 2011 Joe Paterno Should Not Have Been Fired November 10, 2011 front page of the Bergen Record reads,”Penn State fires Paterno”. I was so surprised to read that because one day earlier he announced he was retiring at the end of the season and now he doesn’t have that choice. Joe Paterno had been the head Penn State football coach for almost forty five years and gained the respect by his staff, team players, fans and faculty. I believe he was wrongfully fired for what Jerry Sandusky did and for what Mike McQueary said he did. Mike McQueary told Paterno what he had seen Sandusky doing with one of the young boys in the shower. Paterno in turn followed all the rules when he was told about the situation. He contacted…show more content…
The Second Mile is a group foster home dedicated to helping troubled boys and grows into a charity dedicated to helping children with dysfunctional or absent families. On November 4, 2011 Sandusky was charged with 40 counts related to the sexual abuse of eight young boys in the program between 1994 and 2005. During those years Sandusky had been caught with these 8 children, really victims, in locker rooms, shower stalls, at the State College, picnics and other areas by people that had seen them together. Sandusky performed sexual acts on all his victims including oral sex, anal sex, inappropriate touching and then he even bought these boys expensive gifts too. He had performed a sex act more than twenty times on victim one alone. In the spring of 2008 victim one terminated contact with Sandusky while he was a freshman at Central Mountain High School. Later that year his mother contacted the school to report the sexual assault which barred Sandusky from the school and reported the incident to the police. Sandusky also called victim one 57 times from his cell during that…show more content…
The victims are all children. People in the media are focusing on Joe Paterno’s involvement and what he did and didn’t do instead of focusing on Sandusky and the heinous acts he committed. The media should focus on the villain, Jerry Sandusky. They should also blame the school for doing nothing. People are blaming Joe Paterno as the soul person responsible because he holds the biggest name at the school and he’s the front and center leader. Mike McQueary was the person who witnessed the incident. I would have called the police right away and many others would have too. Instead he just watched it happen and did nothing. Fire McQueary before firing Paterno, that would have been the right thing to do. Even the students at Penn State stand behind Paterno and so do I. In the end I feel that if Sandusky is guilty he deserves nothing less than life in prison for all his past actions. Joe Paterno’s life will never be the same and at 85 years old he doesn’t deserve

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