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1. If Joe Justice wants to get the deal done with Jim Lawbreaker, what options does he have in terms of bringing charges against him? 2. Does Joe Justice have enough evidence to take a case against Slick Martin to grand jury? 3. When Slick Martin makes a request for an attorney, what constitutional right is he invoking? 4. What case law enables Slick to obtain a lawyer during questioning? 5. In order to bring charges against both Slick Martin and Jim Lawbreaker, what would you do as the prosecutor? 1. Prior to appointing counsel, what needs to be read out loud in open court? 2. What choices does Judge Fletcher have in appointing counsel for Slick Martin? 3. By appointing counsel, what constitutional right is Judge Fletcher upholding? 4. What case law supports Slick Martin’s right to counsel? 5. In your opinion, why is the right to counsel important? 6. What could be a basis (reason) for Mr. Acquit’s objection to the move to strike juror #9? 7. Could Judge Fairness force Mr. Acquit to establish a prima facie case? Why? 8. Could Judge Fairness force Mr. Justice to place on the record a race-neutral reason for removing Juror #9? 1. In your opinion, what arguments could Mr. Acquit make in support of his objections? 2. In your opinion, what argument could Mr. Justice make in support of Juror #9’s removal? VI. Section V: What Role Would You Choose? A. If you had a choice, what role would you pick as a potential career: judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney? Each plays an important and vital role in the court process. Be sure to provide reasons in support of your

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