Joe Biden'S Speech

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Justina Rodriguez Professor Burney BIC 1413- 09 9 October 2008 JOE BIDEN’S SPEECH During the week of the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats brought out their popular speakers to unite their party under the leadership of Barack Obama. After many significant leaders had spoke it was not until Wednesday, August twenty-seventh, that the party was truly united. On that momentous Wednesday, Joe Biden formally accepted the nomination of Vice President to run alongside with Barack Obama. Joe Biden used effective rhetoric in his acceptance speech to unify the democratic party. Knowing that this would be a defining moment in his life, Biden eased the tension in the room by first declaring a good ethos for himself. He described to the audience about his background; how he was raised by his mother. He related his mother’s creed to the American people’s : “No one is better than you. Everyone is your equal, and everyone is equal to you.” He then continued to make the audience laugh by sharing charming anecdotes. Biden let the crowd know that he did not take himself so seriously which made him more appealing. A broad white smile covered his face throughout the speech. He spoke with great pride and enthusiasm. By first creating a good ethos, Biden was able to connect with the viewers and explain who he is and why he is the right choice for the Vice President. Biden then proceeded to really rally the swarm of passionate democrats by appealing to their logos. Biden used deductive reasoning to make his point about Senator John McCain. He started off cautiously, by first respecting and recognizing his friendship with Senator John McCain. Then he heated things up when he publicly disagreed with him, intentionally calling Senator McCain, President Bush. Biden was pointing out that Bush has not helped America but made it worse. McCain is exactly more the same
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