Jock Palfreeman Essay

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In Australia, we enjoy significant protection under our legal system. However, some Australians find themselves in situations where their rights are not recognised or protected. Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man who was living in Bulgaria, knows all too well the consequences of having these rights not met. Outside of a sporting event, Jock encountered a group of boys violently attacking a young Roma boy. Jock, armed with a blade, stepped in to help the boy being bashed. During the altercation, one of the attackers, Andrei Monov, the son of a highly respected psychologist in Bulgaria, was fatally stabbed in the armpit. Jock was arrested afterwards and immediately encountered the harsh and ineffective standards of the Bulgarian Legal system. Jock’s investigation process, trial process, appeal process and extradition process were all below par for many reasons. Before Jock was trialled, the Bulgarian Police force had to undertake an investigation process, a process that was very flawed. The Bulgarian Police and Fredrico Marco (forensic scientist) lead an ineffective investigation that made it hard for Jock to prove his innocence in is trial. After the altercation the police made no effort to secure the crime scene. This left ample opportunities for evidence to be tampered with. The police made no effort to find the Roma boy who was being attacked when Jock stepped in to break it up. Without a statement from the boy, it is only Jocks word against the other group of boys that attacked him. The group of boys’ original statements were taken into account, and then later on they were changed to sway the story on their behalf. The police had secured CCTV footage of the scene however it ‘went missing’, again making a stronger case to the Bulgarian Polices incompetence, whilst also benefiting the group of boys who could fabricate a statement to benefit their side of the

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