Jobs And Careers Essay

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mike Everest Online University Composition I - 137 Jobs and Careers have some similarities of one another. But they share a lot of differences between the two. The level of education between a job and career are different. Networking and opportunities aren’t the same. Some people use jobs as an outlet to enter there career or field of interest. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JOBS AND CAREERS Body The education level to getting a job career are unlike. Job requirements for education can be a simple high school diploma. Which, could mean no skill or job experiences needed for the job or entry-level position. People shift to jobs because of lack of education. Majority of careers want some type of trade or college degree or even a certain amount of college credits. A lot of jobs have very few networking opportunities, because more than likely the people at the job, you’ll might not see at a future job. A career is full of networking opportunities, majority of the people in your circle are involved in the same career to yours and they’ll keep popping up time and time again. Some people have jobs and that’s just what it is. Then you have others that use jobs to advantage to get into their career. For example, a student that work at Macy’s may work there a couple of years to pay for school or get a car the quit. They do the job then punch out which is the best time of the day. On the other hand same scenario but their interest in fashion and marketing. Stay with Macy’s and move up the ladder and gets a degree in fashion. Now the person stays with Macy’s but as a buyer, rather as floor
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