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Mr Spoletti World Religion Midterm Reflection Mysticism “Mysticism: A study in nature and development” is a book that was published nineteen years ago. Overall after reading the online article I have gained a vast insight on the different major themes, which enlightened me as I was unaware of what different concepts involved in terms of Mysticism. The major theme on the first page was mostly talking about supernatural out goings. An example would be on page on where I quote “supernatural and natural reality—would provide a better philosophic background to the experience of the mystics than the vitalism which appeared, twenty years ago, to offer so promising a way of escape from scientific determinism.” The second section of the book, summarizes the seven chapters that are intended to provide a preparation to avowedly psychological. From what I have read each stage all have traits of mysterious experiences from visions or voices and demonstrated from lives of mystics. Major theme of this segment is Latent views of witnessing or not witnessing supernatural/mysterious experiences. In relation to supernatural activities mentioned above I feel spiritual consciousness have similarities in terms of someone who can relate. For example would be a person who has interacted or visualized supernatural activates. As you continue to read during the first pages they present a concept of relation between prayer and contemplation. For most non-believers who see Transcendent events they come to the judgement of a ghost or mysticism. This defense mechanism help them explain what it is according to the article. Non-believers live life of the normal world senses and in relation to what I just stated, his a quote to back my verdict: “field of consciousness; it dominates their life and, in the experience called “mystic union,” attains its end. Whereas religious believers who

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