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s Where the jobs will be November 11, 2011 John Goddard Toronto Star Economic uncertainty, the spectre of a jobless recovery and debt crises threatening the eurozone — no economy stands immune from the instability. But there are bright spots amid the gloom. Jobs by the tens of thousands are opening in the Canadian mining industry — one of the top five sectors expected to be hiring in 2015, trend analysts say. Canadian job forecasters also predict employment growth in oil-and-gas, health care, construction, and information and communications technology. The trick is to match education with employment. On formal post-secondary education, Canada ranks No. 1 in the world, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, which calculates college and university graduates as a percentage of population. To increase the chance of landing a post, young people training for a career — or employees re-training for a transition — might want to consider an industry whose openings are almost certain to expand. Here’s a look at some of the top spots to be in by 2015. Health Care Services: This sector makes everybody’s Top 5 list. “The society is aging — everybody knows that,” said professor David Livingstone of the University of Toronto’s Centre for the Study of Education and Work. “Therefore gerontology, the care of the aged — there will be more jobs in that area, a growing need,” he said. Health-related occupations, from nurses to technicians, were already deemed to enjoy among the lowest unemployment rates in the country in 2010, according to a recent job-trends report by analyst Roger Sauve, of People Patterns Consulting near Cornwall. Job prospects go way beyond doctors and nurses, said Michelle Dunnill, Toronto branch manager for the job-tracking firm Manpower. Physiotherapists, medical laboratory technologists,

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