A Careers Career: Career Vs. Career

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Job vs. Career A student usually goes to school for the reason to increase their knowledge, but the main cause is to eventually get a job. Anybody can get a job if they want; now what if you want a career? A job is working the cashier at Old Navy, a career is something you want to do and enjoy doing, and the most impressive part is getting paid to do something you enjoy doing. You like taking out the trash? Maybe a career in waste management is the way to go. If you want to live paycheck to paycheck until you’re 76 then work retail. The, duration and earnings between a job and career are very different as well as the education or training required to reach your ultimate goal. The length of time will be spent will differ between a job and a career. A career is usually long term. A job is more for daily life, a way to support one's self but, maybe not what one wants as the path of action for their life. A job is a way to make ends meet, a way to pay for schooling or…show more content…
The education and training required for a career will be substantially longer and more enlightening than how to work a cash register. Sacrifices have to be made in order to obtain your goals; time, money, sleep, maybe your personal life. A common example of the time spent on education for a career is obtaining a PhD takes about six to seven years. Now would anyone spend that much time at an expensive school if their heart wasn’t set on what they would be doing in the future? Especially considering that after the completion of your education you will have higher value in the employment market, especially with the title of Dr. [insert name here]. It is a welcome luxury with having a job that while gaining an education you can still be making income. It will be hard to juggle work, school, family, and friends leaving one very tired and tuckered out at the end of each

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