Job Recommendation Essay

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Recommendation Edge out competition To get the best out of your co-operative education and edge out your competition, you should always be proactive at workplace, be passionate at what you are doing, and be enthusiastic about what you are learning. Having the right attitude at work is a lot more important than you can imagine because in order to learn something effectively, you have to develop your interest in that particular work. This is measurable because you can see this as a challenge. To accomplish the task given to you, you have to research and study the materials. As a result, you fully gain valuable skills out of this co-op experience. Test drive your career In a nutshell, to make this co-operative education worthy, you should identify what your career goal is along the way by having your ideal career path planned out. Through co-op, you have the opportunity to expose yourself to different kinds of field and industry. This will help you tremendously moving forward because it gives you the idea of what you want to do in the future. This is measurable because you would know at the end of your co-op whether your interest is in those industries. Financial Assistance Since a co-operative opportunity provides you financial remuneration unless your job is a volunteering position or you are not employed, you should manage and allocate your money well by drafting up a plan. Since you will be able to know your total income at the end of your effective period when you are signing the contract with the hiring company, you will be able to allocate your money in accordance with your plan. This is measurable because you can see the end result of your

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