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Concept of Job Satisfaction Angela Agader, Rodney Berry, Michele Copas, Velma Gamez, and Juanita Morgan PSY/428 May 13, 2013 Sheila Gehlmann Job Satisfaction Job Satisfaction has an important impact on employees in any organization. Employees need to feel content and satisfied with what they are doing in the workplace in order for an organization to be productive. If employees are trained and given the opportunity to learn what is expected of an organization, the feeling of satisfaction comes easily. Many times employees are not satisfied due to lack of motivation, knowledge, and pay. Organizational psychologist can come into an organization and help management determine any factors that is keeping employees from experiencing job satisfaction. Job Satisfaction The term job satisfaction refers to the individual feelings that one has toward his or her job. Job satisfaction intertwines with organizational commitment. Higher rates of job satisfaction will promote a higher level of an individuals’ commitment to the organization that employs him or her. Impact of Organizational Socialization on Job Satisfaction. Organizational socialization is another important process in an organization. The socialization aspect in an organization is the process which an employee is taught and learns the ins and outs of that organization. Socialization is the organizational function that managers are to train or provide sufficient enough training to new employees and even to keep current employees up-to-date with procedures and processes, this is a way job satisfaction is achieved and employees are at ease with their duties. Factors of organizational socialization are communication, available resources, and strategic recognition, to name a few. When communication is kept open and clear between an employer and employee, it can enhance an employee’s satisfaction for their

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