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Corporate Office Management And Allison Transmission Interview of Administrative Assistant Billy Hodges Unit 7 CS204 Kaplan University Professor: Laura Ruiz February 24, 2015 Corporate Office Management After conducting my research on group cultures, I have found that the country of Japan has one of the most unique business cultures. A lot of workers claim they will complete a task even if they have to go beyond their efficacy. Japanese business worker except task while producing extraordinary results. Japanese workers are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the production measurements and production times. From the people who request products from the supplier, or the people who handles the transactions, and from the beginning of the project, to the end of the project, the level of service is extremely high. Western cultural groups are always trying to put the blame on the upper management for not giving clear instruction regarding the task. In Japan, if a task or business deal is held up for any reason, the person who was assigned the task is to blame for its failure. Japanese workers are very consistent and easy to work with. The Japanese view customer service as very meaningful, and thrive to keep a healthy relationship and mutual understanding with their customers. In the western world, we have this concept of thinking in terms of “I sell you the product, you pay for the product, and you have no rights”. The Japanese have great decision making traits as to paying attention to details. Japanese mangers uses their informal powers to encourage every employee and bosses to all socialize together, regardless of their status. Here in the western world, we separate people based on their personal status, whether social or in the workplace. There are many great things we can learn from the Japanese people and their culture of how to

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