Job Interview Essay

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Job interview One of the stressfull events in the life is a job interview . It's hold an key to our future because it is a functional member in the adult word. There are three steps in the interview process, and they do not all occur at the actual interview. Accepting the interview, getting prepared for the interview, and going to the interview make up these stages. The first stage in the interview process is accepting the actual interview. This is the most exciting part of the process because me , as an applicant, have just accepted the idea that someone thinks you may be appropriate for the job offered. Emotions run high during the interview process and turn all the time. When accepting a call from an interviewer offering you a chance at an interview, it is extremely important that you be polite and show your appreciation for this chance. Saying “Thank you for this great appreciation ” or is an occasion as a form of appreciation. During the phone conversation, ensure you get all important and necessary details relating the interview. Avoid blocking out any small pieces of information as a result of excitement. Know who your interviewer is , where your interview will be, and what to bring with you. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will feel the day of the interview. The second stage in the interview process is interview preparation. As stated before, collect as much information as you can before going to your interview. Before you go to the interview, ensure you have a wallet assembled that includes a resume, references, identification, letters of recommendation, and proof of any other accomplishments beneficial to the job you are applying for. Make sure all of this information is neatly organized and stored in a presentable folder. As well, your appearance is as important as your

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