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Preparing for a Job Interview Disclaimer This is my own VERY Personal Point of View Don’t take this as gospel – but as a starting point. Talk to other people and form your own opinions Most of what I say will be obvious My goal is for you to avoid the dumb mistakes that take you out of the game before the game even starts! Solving the Puzzle…. What qualities does an ideal physicist possess? Ability to manage people and projects Ability to perform original and important physics analysis Able to solve Technical Challenges with grace and ease Each hiring committee will eventually have to come to grips with how to weight each of the above… Don’t forget personality – or lack there of! It matters Committees are not necessarily after the smartest person – but that they want that best that they can find. AND This person has to be someone they want to work with for the next 30 years ! How to Apply Get the word out that you are looking for a faculty position – lots happens in this field by word of mouth Check the Ads in Physics Today The experiments keep a list… – check it If there is a place that you really want to be at – write the chairman a letter and follow up with a phone call. Be aggressive Whether you should be “picky” or apply for every job under the sun is a very personal choice How to Apply (2) Call the contact person and ask him about the job – ask him what they are looking for Read the ad and follow the directions How many references Do they want the letters sent or just a list of names? When is the deadline? Preparation CV Cover Letter Expression of research interest Publication List Talk Start early preparing these documents – as in NOW! Do NOT make job hunting your full time job. STAY PRODUCTIVE Keep them current during the year as you make additional contributions Read

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