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Job Interview Essay

  • Submitted by: glydel19
  • on March 5, 2013
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This is a personal question for you. Don't search for an answers in any browser.... just say what you feel and make it sincere. Tell them what you can do to help the company. You should answer with whatever the company is. 

For this question, I think you should speak out your strengths, for example: "I am an honest PERSON, I will be devoted to my company."
(The best thing to do in a job interview is walk and talk as if you are already have the job. Proceed like you have the most confidence in the world and there is no competition because you are the best. So what can you contribute to the company?

My knowledge, my experience, my well being and responsibility. I am the best candidate for this position if not better (confidence part) and I am ready to put my blood sweat and tears into this company (not literally but you know). If they say they what 100%.I say I am prepared to give you the full 300 plus more and that's what I can contribute to your company.

- well, all i can contribute to the company is my ability and
I can give the best service compared to any other agent   I would be looking for both the
clients parameters and the customer service .

+ i know i can be one of the
company's best asset because im a very competitive person
and i think competitiveness brings out the very best
performance of each individual in a group.

+skills,flexible in terms of schedule and adjusting to my
+Loyalty,i prefer to stay and render in this
company my skills and keep all the important details as secret.

Weaknesses that can also be strengths:
  * You are a hard worker and sometimes work too hard
  * You are a perfectionist and want everything to be done right the first time
  * You are too helpful

  * Your communication skills- you communicate well with others
  * You are a people person
  * You are a quick learner
  * You are always punctual
  * You are a...

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