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Job Analysis Dannielle Schilling Industrial/Organizational Psychology PSY/435 February 08, 2012 Stephen McLaughlin Job Analysis The purpose of a job analysis is to study and evaluate jobs and their descriptions. Further an analysis describes the qualifications to fulfill a position and the characteristics necessary of the workers who will do it. For example, what are the tasks of a job? What are the characteristics of the personal who will perform the job? Two different characteristics of a job analyses exists; the job-oriented and the person-oriented (Spector, 2008). Methods of developing a job analysis come from different sources and ways a person collects information. This paper will discuss further the job analysis of a mental health counselor and the various techniques to different appraisal methods that may be applied to this position. Functional Job Analysis The functional job analysis was the job analysis method used by the U.S. Department of Labor to create the Dictionary of Occupation Titles (Spector, 2008). According to the Occupational Information Network, O*Net, the summary of the Mental Health and Social Workers is to treat and assess individuals with emotional, mental, or substance abuse problems. This includes abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Activities or tasks may include individual and group counseling, intervention, management of cases, advocacy for clients, education, and prevention (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). Using the O*Net the following is a summary analysis for a Mental Health Social Worker that consists of six various domains. Experience Requirements of the job include knowledge of counseling techniques, psychology in human behavior, interests, and personality, customer services, group sociology, the English language, and ability to use critical thinking techniques for assessments, and

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