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Joan of Arc was a courageous person, woman, and leader. In a time where women rights were still suppressed and the French were in disarray she was able to overcome not only being a woman during this era but restore the faith and patriotism of the French people. Joan of Arc possessed many leadership skills and traits that helped her achieve so much at such a young age of nineteen years old. To name a handful of traits and skills she was able to harness in her journey were Integrity, Intelligence, Charisma and communication, Leadership by example, Personal Courage and Commitment, Energy, and A Command Presence. 1. Integrity- Joan of Arc was a woman who stood up for her beliefs. Sylvia defines Integrity as “standing by one’s pronouncements and actions” (7).Even in a trial that the verdict was decided before the trial even begun. She did not falter in her beliefs even under such extreme circumstances. When Joan was pressured and almost tortured she stuck to her actions and faced death by burning on a stake without fear or regrets. 2. Intelligence- Joan was very intelligent for her age. Intelligence is comes in many forms, from scholarly to military and Emotional intelligence. Joan was very much in touch with her EQ and even in military command. At the age of 17 she was able to command and lead elements of the French army to multiple victories. This showed during her trial when her rebuttals were much more intelligent than anticipated, thusly taking the trial to a private setting. 3. Charisma and Communication- Charisma is something that is very hard to refine. Most people like Joan of Arc are born with a natural unique quality about them that gives them this trait. Joan was able to inspire the French people along with a weak and ineffective leader named Charles de Ponthieu. Her overwhelming confidence and charisma was able to convince Charles to give her command of

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