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A Woman on a Mission The hundred years war was a war between England and France over part of what is today modern day France. King Charles of Frances’ throne was trying to be captured by the English who were claiming the rights to it. During the dark ages there were not many women who were really important or even written down in history. The women in the dark ages were supposed to stay at home and work and were widely mistreated. However, one of the women was able to break through this wall that divided the genders. this woman was Joan of Arc. Joan was born on January 6, 1412 in the town of Domremy to two peasant farmers. She never went to a formal school and never learned how to read or write. During the time she wasn’t working in the fields she probably was doing something religious in nature. Starting around the age of thirteen, Joan began to hear voices and have visions. This visions included: St. Michael (The leader of the armies of heaven), St. Catherine, and St. Margaret. From what she interpreted, she was being told to drive the English out of Orleans and all of France. After repeatedly having these visions she decided to go to Vaucouleurs and asked the commander if she could fight. He surprisingly agreed after a little resistance and Joan explaining her mission with many followers behind her. She soon then convinced King Charles of her mission and he went along with it. This was not that easy but she did it by first promising him that by the end of the war he would be accepted as the true king of France. Also she was able to tell Charles secrets that he believed were just between him and god. This led him to Give Joan white armor and gave her a group of french soldiers to command. She led them to Orleans to fight the English. Riding a White horse Joan led the Army in Battle and was wounded. The French army rallied around her and was able to take

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